Facility Management Solutions

Help your team with an actionable, ready made, facility inspection and monitoring app.

How it works

The ready made application collects data from wireless sensors across your facilities and flags issues so you can resolve problems before they cost you an arm and a leg. 

The Sensor Hub is the brain of the solution and transmits the sensor data to your applications via AES 128 encryption. A minimum of 1 hub is required per facility

Popular Sensors in Facility Management

Emergency Notification Door Barricade & Alert

Increase staff protection during dangerous intruder events. Know when a lockdown is triggered, remotely visualize the building, and take swift action.


Detects the movement of people indoors, and at their desks in real-time while monitoring ambient temperature and light to trace occupancy patterns.

Water Leak Detection

Avoid costly repairs. Receive alerts when water is detected in areas where appliances are present; such as water heaters, sinks, utility closets, and bathrooms.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Monitor temperature conditions of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety. Plus, door open/close monitoring.

HVAC & Electrical Continuity

Alerts you before the HVAC or electrical system shorts out so you can prepare the back up generator or evacuation.

Asset Tracking

Whether you need to track assets inside a warehouse or vehicles out on the road, we have you covered. Real time location reporting with trip history for vehicles.

Vaping Sensors for Schools

Sensors notify staff or security when vaping or smoking indoors is detected.

Air Quality/Environmental

Spikes in temperature and humidity can cause damage to equipment. Particulate matter can cause damage to humans. Monitor Room conditions to ensure protection.

Plug & Play Sensor Installation

No messy wiring or complicated installs.

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